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Founder + Nutritionist

Madelyn first dreamt up The Nest Prep while pregnant with baby #1, but didn't start the project until baby #3 when she was in desperate need of quick, nutritious meals with two toddlers, a full-time job, and a working husband in a graduate program. Madelyn is a 2014 graduate of Arizona State University (BS Nutrition) where she was a member of the D1 track and field team (heptathlon). She currently oversees menu development and special dietary accommodations for a large school district in the Phoenix area. 

Likes: Alliterations, risotto, scrolling through outlandish Zillow homes, & going to the grocery store.

Dislikes: Matcha, moths, & voicemail notifications.

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Executive Chef + Menu Developer

Whitney, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, began grocery shopping and cooking dinner for her family by the age of ten. Her mother joked that she always knew where Whitney had been in the house because there would be a stack of cookbooks left as a marker. It's safe to say her love of food runs deep.

She also runs a small vintage resale business (@valleyofthevintagesun) and a podcast with her husband. She and Madelyn met working in the school nutrition industry and became fast friends.

Likes: All things vintage, her cat Mildred, holidays, and themes.

Dislikes: White pepper, Arizona summers, and talking on the phone.

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